Nova Scotia School Districts

Available School District in Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia School Board

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  • Population: 12,059
  • Located 1 Hour 7 Minutes Northeast of Halifax 
  • Weather: Summer/Fall: Warm and Humid Winter/Spring: Cool and Temperate


  • Enrolment Restrictions: Students are not allowed to select their school of choice

School Facts

  • Grades at School: 8-12 
  • Estimated Start Date: Early September
  • Estimated End Date: Late June

School Profile

The Nova Scotia International Student Program is committed to providing an excellent education and homestay environment to all international students. Over 20 schools throughout the province participate in the international school program. Students are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of subjects focusing on arts, sciences, languages, and computers. The subjects are taught under the careful supervision of certified teachers. All schools follow curriculum set by the provincial government.

Sports and Arts

Students can also choose from a variety of extracurricular activities such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, curling, skiing, and creative art to name a few.

Community Information

Truro, found in central Nova Scotia is located in the south eastern corner of Canada. It has a number of great museums and outdoor activities for students to take part in. One of their more famous parks, Victoria Park, is found in the forests and picturesque surroundings of Truro. The area is a natural draw for cross-country skiers, snowshoers and hikers during winter months. Truro Parks, Recreation and Culture staff groom approximately 20 kilometres of cross-country ski trails for classic and skate skiing.

Victoria Park is also a great place to bring your family for a picnic lunch. The Picnic Pavilion is located in the lower park and is well used (by reservation) for a number of different activities, ranging from family or school reunions, birthday parties, food preparation for special events or as a registration area for events taking place in the park.

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