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From art and cultural heritage to food, from stunning and varied countryside to elegant fashion, Italy has it all. Italy is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world such as the Colosseum and the Grand Canal. If you are more of an adventurer and prefer outdoor activities and scenic views check out Italy’s stunning coastlines and mountain ranges.

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Program Summary:

Classic Program

Our Classic program will match you with a welcoming host family and place you in a nearby school. We find the host family and choose the school, and you can enjoy immersing yourself in local culture & community. These are perfect for students who:

​* Flexible about location, and the academic experience
​* Want to have a cultural experience​
​* Interested in joining sports, clubs, and activities
​* Grow as a person and improve language skills​


Classic Program Information

Age and eligibility

Students may apply from the age of 14 (must turn 15 during the program) – 17 years.

Language criteria

Students are required to be able to converse in basic conversation. There is also an option to complete a 2 week Italian language course upon arrival in Milan at an additional cost.

Program length

Classic Academic Semester & Academic Year programs, Short 2 & 3 month programs available.

Location options are available on request for Academic Semester & Year Programs.


As an exchange student in Italy, you’ll immerse yourself in the life of an Italian teenager. Every day, you’ll have the chance to practice your language skills and build new connections and friendships. Attending an Italian high school is an exhilarating experience that will foster your growth as a student and as a member of society.

Please be aware that certain Italian high schools may require an enrolment fee upon arrival. This fee is not included in our program fee, as it varies depending on each school. Typically, the cost can range from $30 to $150.


All Outbound students are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Your Program Manager can advise if any additional vaccinations are required. Please be sure to note all vaccinations you have received in your application.


Students require a visa for Academic Semester and Academic Year programs unless they are travelling on a European passport (they may need to lodge their visa application in person at an Italian consulate, please see locations below). Further information will be provided by your Program Coordinator.

Students traveling on Australian & New Zealand passports, with programs up to 90 days, generally travel as “tourists” and do not need to apply for a visa prior departure. However, for programs extending beyond the 90-day period (including Semester & Academic Year programs), students are usually required to apply for the necessary visa.

Program Coordinators will provide the essential visa documents so students can lodge their visa application. Please note that Program Coordinators are not Registered Migration Agents and cannot represent the applicant. Program Coordinators will provide “guidance” where possible, however the responsibility of lodging the visa falls upon the student/parents. Visa application requirements differ per destination and, on top of the visa documents provided by your Program Coordinator, students will need to provide additional documents such as birth certificate, bank statements, police check certificate, passport photos, letter of parental consent, etc.

Visa application fees (set by the foreign Authority) fluctuate depending on the destination and may vary from $180 to $700. These costs exclude expenses such as translations, official stamps (Notary Public stamp, Apostille stamp), national police certificate, passports photos, express post envelopes, etc. In some cases, students must attend an in-person consulate / visa agency appointment, which may incur additional personal expenses for travel such as purchasing flights (Interstate flight or international flight if no representation in your home country), petrol costs, tolls, accommodation, etc.

Australia: Department of Home Affairs,
Australia: Foreign Embassies & Consulates
New Zealand: Foreign Embassies & Consulates

Italian Embassy in Canberra provides consular services for residents of the ACT, Queanbeyan & Cooma.
Consulate General in Sydney: Has Jurisdiction over the State of NSW (excluding the cities of Queanbeyan & Cooma), including Norfolk island.
Consulate of Italy in Brisbane has jurisdiction over Queensland & the Northern Territory
Consulate General in Melbourne has jurisdiction of Victoria and Tasmania
Consulate General in Perth has jurisdiction of WA & Christmas / Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
Embassy of Italy in New Zealand

The budget allocated for flights to Europe is AU$3,000 of the program price listed below. We may need to charge a flight surcharge if we cannot obtain a flight within this budget. For more information, please see our Flight Surcharge Policy on our Money Matters page.

Classic Program Prices for Italy

LengthArriveDepartProgram fee
Application deadline
Academic SemesterFeb 1, 2025Jun 14, 2025$10,950Jul 15, 2024
Feb 1, 2025Mid Dec, 2025$11,950Jul 15, 2024
Academic SemesterSept 2025Jan 2026$10,950Mar 15, 2025
Academic YearSept 2025Jun 2026$11,950Mar 15, 2025
3 MonthsNov 2025Jan 2026$9,450Jun 15, 2025
2 MonthsNov 2025Jan 2026$9,450Jun 15, 2025
Academic YearFeb 2026Dec 2026$11,950Jul 15, 2025
Feb 2026Jun 2026$10,950Jul 15, 2025

Each destination has a budget for flights included in the fee. If flight costs are above this budgeted amount, a Flight Surcharge may apply. Please see our Money Matters page for program inclusions, the flight surcharge policy and other important pricing information.

Program start dates are indicative arrivals in the destination & students attending the Soft Landing Camp (if available) will depart earlier. Program start dates serve as approximate arrival dates at the destination and subject to change. We will notify you of your confirmed program dates ahead of time to prevent any confusion or inconvenience.

Scholarship & Early Bird Discount Application Deadlines
October 31, 2024: classic programs departing between April 2025 – September 2025
March 31, 2025: classic programs departing between October 2025 – March 2026
Find out more about Scholarships and Early Bird Discounts.

Italy Regional Choices are available. Please see our Italy Destination page for details.

Location Options

Location options

Rome, Florence, or Milan

The location option price is in addition to the Classic Program Prices for Italy:

Academic Year: AU$4,500
Academic Semester: AU$3,000

Please note, host family placement may be up to 70 km from the centre of the city.

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High School in Italy

As an exchange student in Italy, you will experience living like a true Italian teenager. You will have the opportunity to practice your language skills every day as well as connect with fellow Italian classmates. Attending an Italian high school is an exciting experience that will develop you both as a student as well as a global citizen.

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Soft Landing Camp in Milan

This Soft Landing Camp is optional and at an additional fee of AU$1,495

September arrivals only.

Soft Landing Camp Milan Flyer please click here

Online Language course

The price for the language course is AU$490 per person for the 6 week course

The price for the language course is AU$590 per person for the 8 week course

Course information will be available here soon

LIVE Online sessions

If you would like to find out more information on our programs, please attend one of our free LIVE Online Information Sessions to:

  • Meet our staff
  • Hear comprehensive information on all aspects of exchange
  • Ask questions
  • See questions asked by other students and parents

Information evenings run for about an hour.
They are friendly, free and are the best way for us to address your specific questions in person.

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Worldwide High School Online Brochure

For an overview of our programs, our team will send you our Worldwide High School Online Brochure.

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