Semester & Year Programs

If you are looking for a more substantial experience then one of our semester or year programs could be just right for you. You can apply for a program to one of over 25 countries for either 5 or 6 months (semester) or 10, 11 or 12 months (year). That’s time to really get to know your host country and community and to see home from an international perspective.


  • Students on our long programs frequently say they become part of the social fabric of their host community. They start to think and feel like a local. They build networks of friends that frequently last a lifetime. Their knowledge of the country increases and their capacity to put matters in perspective matures and grows.
  • You’ll attend a local school where you’ll have the opportunity to try new subjects or extend your understanding of familiar subjects. You might think you are good at maths. Try it in Japanese!
  • If learning another language is one of your motivations then our long programs provide an opportunity to really hone your skills. On a long program you can relax in the knowledge that you have plenty of time to adjust, make mistakes, practice and learn. You’ll gain a level of fluency that only comes with prolonged immersion. You will be amazed at how much your language skills have improved. And you’ll even acquire the local accent - a telling souvenir of your experience overseas.
  • Being away from home for 5 to 12 months can be a challenging experience and it is not for everyone. You’re not on holiday and you are definitely not a guest. Homesickness can occasionally be acute. You sometimes think that you’ll never get the language. But you’ll find that as you negotiate these and other little hurdles along the way you’ll acquire a whole new level of confidence and independence. The personal rewards are immense.
  • And while a long program is a serious commitment there will be many more opportunities to have fun and enjoy your overseas experience.


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