What's Not Included

Passport and visa costs – individual students are responsible for the cost of passport and visa application. Visa application costs and procedures vary from country to country. Details are available from our office.

Life’s Little Extras - while you are away, your host family will provide you with food and accommodation. However, you will need to take some extra spending money for some of life’s little extras.

Make sure you have enough for any purchases you may need including personal items, telephone bills, text books, school uniforms, locker fee, purchase of lunch at school cafeteria, gifts for family and friends and any optional excursions you may take during your time away. These costs will vary depending on your host country. 

If you need assistance determining how much money to take with you, call us. Our staff will be able to help you.

Flight Surcharge Policy

As per our terms and conditions, due to fluctuations in flight prices globally we have had to invoke ‘Flight Surcharges’ on all flights above the budgeted amounts below


Europe                                     $2500 AUD

USA                                         $3000 AUD

Japan                                      $2000 AUD

Canada                                    $2750 AUD

New Zealand/Australia             $1200 AUD



Europe                                     $3000 NZD

USA                                         $3500 NZD

Japan                                      $2500 NZD

Canada                                    $3250 NZD

Australia                                   $1500 NZD

We are working with our flight partners to obtain the best flight (including price and route) but we may need to charge a flight surcharge if we cannot obtain a flight within the budget amounts above. Please be aware that we cannot accommodate personal requests in regards to changes to flights, times or dates, as flights will adhere to pre agreed programs dates and times, which can include departures from 7am – 10pm depending on the agreed arrival time at the final destination.

Flight Changes - If you request any changes to the travel dates of your flight, once it has been booked, you will need to pay any additional charges incurred.

Quarantine Fees (if applicable) - These could be applicable in your host country and/or your home country.

Early Return Fees related to COVID - Please be aware that full medical insurance is provided for all COVID pandemic related medical costs whilst on program but any other COVID specific related expenses including but not limited to early return fees are not covered by our insurance policy.