How do I apply?

Your application is what represents you to us, our overseas partners and prospective host families. It allows us to get a comprehensive profile of you and your interests. Give yourself a few weeks to complete the application carefully with input from your parents, your school and your doctor.

Information Sessions

We recommend you attend one of our information evening sessions before you apply. This ensures both students and parents understand the challenges and the benefits of being an exchange student and that the program is right for you. 

It's not too late to apply for a Scholarship or Early Bird Discount and save $$ off the price of your exchange

If you are planning to go on exchange between October 2018 - March 2019 and want to reduce the price of your program, then we have some good news for you!  The deadline for Scholarship and Early Bird Discount applications is Saturday 31st March 2018.

Step 1

 Download the correct application form for your program or call us on 1300 135 331 (in Australia) or 0800 440 079 (in NZ) and we’ll send one to you. 

Step 2

 Complete and return your application form together with your $500 deposit (fully refundable if your application is not accepted). You should be sure to apply at least 4 - 5 months prior to departure. You can either post your application form to our office or simply scan and email it to us. Please note there is a separate form for some destinations. Please contact our office prior to completing your application form.

Step 3

 We will acknowledge its receipt and liaise with you regarding missing information or anything that’s not clear. We will check it for eligibility. 

Step 4

 One of our staff or local coordinators will come to your home (or a mutually agreeable venue) to meet with you and, if possible, your parents. Provided you meet our selection criteria and the interview confirms your eligibility then you will be formally notified of your acceptance on the program.

This is the first part of the acceptance process.

Step 5

 We’ll then send your application to our partner in your country of choice for review and confirmation to complete the acceptance process.

Step 6

 When you’re accepted by our overseas partner, we’ll give you access to your personalised ‘My Exchange’ online resource centre.

Step 7

 Prior to leaving for your exchange you and your parents will be invited to a mandatory pre-departure orientation. Depending on your location this may be in person or online. 

Advice on how to obtain your required visa will be included in your formal acceptance letter. Please ensure you read this carefully. To help your visa application process run as smoothly as possible it is essential that you complete and submit all forms and information requested promptly.

Prepare for lift off! 

Step 8

 Once you’ve left home and arrived in your host country you’ll be met by a representative of our overseas partner, or your host family or coordinator.

While you’re away, you’ll be supported by a network of people - your host family, your local coordinator, our overseas partner organisation and Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd. 

Home Coming

 Once you’ve arrived home, we’ll send you a “Welcome Home Pack” and stay in touch with you about upcoming opportunities such as speaking at information sessions or becoming a returned student advisor. Then you start the next chapter of your life with a unique experience to share with family and friends.