My Exchange to Germany

Rowellen is on a 10 month exchange in Germany.  She reports from Germany with enthusiasm and a love for the German language.  Here she reports on her stay...

"I love living in Germany and being around new people, speaking another language or helping others improve theirs.  To me it's unbelievable how different some things between Europe and Australia are, and the differences between Germany and other countries.  Even the different seasons are exciting."

"I am very glad I am on the longer exchange, rather than the 3 or 6 month options.  Those would not have been long enough for me.  I'm learning new things all the time and my language skills definitely would not have been as good as they are now.  I really enjoy when people refer to me for opinions, help in English, information on Australia or just to chat."

Rowellen also loves her host family and speaks very highly of them.  "My host mum is always ready to talk and ask me questions and I'm always keen to help her out around the house and kitchen.  I often accompany her to concerts at the local castle or go for walks." 

Finally, "I have a lot of friends at my local school, within the community and with family friends.  Everyone is always friendly and there's never a time when I can't find anyone to sit with."

A wonderful summary of life in Germany.