Greta's story - from Germany to NZ

15 year old German student Greta, writes about her experience in NZ.

My every day life in NZ was completely different to my life in Germany, but my intention was always  "to be open, you're here to learn about their life, their culture!" My English wasn't that good when I arrived, but everybody was open and willing to "puzzle" till at least the main points were clear. 

It was an exciting thing to experience all these new "first times". First time seeing the host family; first time in the new school; first time wearing a school uniform! In school, I picked all the subjects I never had before in Germany, so for example, I did Maori Visual Performing Arts and joined the school Kapa Haka group. That was a great experience which I don't want to miss! 

In the beginning some things weren't easy. I didn't know all the people and couldn't speak their language well, but I only met open, interested people and later I felt like I have always been there. 

In the 5 months I travelled alot. I went to Australia, an unforgettable experience, I also organised with my host mum's help to fly over the South Island and to see a lot places on the North Island.  I did a lot of crazy things... Played paint ball, did canyon swings, went to the Homai te Pakipaki. 

I think on an exchange everything is possible, you just have to want it! 

Now I'm back in Germany. I had no problems with fitting in again and I know I´ll never get this time back, but that I had this time makes me very happy every day!  

Once I read in a brochure: an exchange is like going on the rollercoaster. First you see this huge thing in front of you, you are excited, looking forward to it, but you're also a little bit scared.  Than you're doing it, you have highs and lows, things are rushing by. And after it, you look back, with a smile, proud of yourself and you would love to do it again. I think that's exactly the way it was for me.  I had a great time with so many great moments! Met new people, made new friends and learned a lot about myself. And I'm definitely coming back to visit them all! Back to my second home on the other side of the world!

I think the exchange is what you make out of it - so make the most of it!

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