Meet the Cain Family

The Cain family sent their daughter on exchange to France and have also hosted a student in their home.  They share some useful tips of what to expect as a host family.  

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Meet Simon and the Stuart Family

Simon is a Danish exchange student who lived on the Northern Beaches, NSW on a 10 month program. Whilst in Australia Simon has joined the local Surf Club, earned his Bronze Medallion and been on a couple of family holidays. Both Simon and the Stuart family were kind enough to talk to us about their experience so far.

“It’s been a fantastic experience so far...It’s been great having an older brother for our young kids. Simon has been a fantastic role model...Simon helps around the house a lot. One of the first things he said to us during the first couple of days he was here was what should my chores be? I was delighted to hear him say that.” Victoria, Host Mum

“These students are coming out, they're here, and they’re going to live with someone. If you think you're a great family and will be able to look after another family member - It's great for them, it’s great for you, everyone benefits. Give it a go, there's only been benefits.” Andrew, Host Dad

“Great experience!! Definitely a great, great experience. If I had never done this, I would never have seen what I've seen and did what I did. The greatest experience of my life!”  Simon, Exchange Student

You can watch the full video below.

The Arrow Family

“Becoming a Host family for an international student has been much more than we expected.

We thought it would be great for our kids to learn a little about another language and maybe something about another country. Instead, we gained another family member and some great new friends, her parents from Germany. We get to show off our country and learn so much about hers. What a fantastic experience for all of us.” Melissa, Host Mum

The Bridgman Family

“Being a host family for the past 5yrs to 6 students has changed our lives.

We know what our community has to offer also to be patient, tolerate, considerate & understanding of others. Our family has grown with each student. We have been very honoured to have 2 students & families return to visit us.

2006 – Ivan (Brazil) 10mths & Marie (France) 6mths

2007 – Vivien (Germany) 5mths

2008 – Anna Maria (Austria) 5mth & Kanako (Japan) 3mths

2011 – Haruna (Japan) 10mths

I have also been a community coordinator since October 2006 & love every minute of it, we are now planning a trip to Austria/Germany in 2015”

Leanne, Host Mum and Local Coordinator

The Edsall Family

“It has probably affected us all as individuals differently but for me it is like having another son, and I will want to know how his life progresses and what kind of man he turns into. My son Alex has developed a friendship which I also hope stretches into the future. I am sure we will all want to meet again in the future and of course meet Johann’s family as well.” Deb, Host Mum


The Cope Family

“Francesca was like the third daughter that we never had. We couldn’t believe how well she slipped right on into our family and we almost didn’t realise she was there. Our future has been very much enriched by Francy’s short stay with us in Australia. We are always in contact and we can see in the future that we will catch up again with her. Fond and long lasting memories of whole big bunches of fun.” The Cope Family

“Iselin and Hannah successfully completed their Surf Rescue certificates on Sunday morning.  As lifesavers they will now actively participate in surf patrols on the weekends at our beach until the end of the season in April.

There were a lot of excited club members and parents of other kids in their group that were very happy for them, not to mention two very happy Scandanavian Surf Lifesavers.

Well done to them.”

Mandy Cope, (Very proud Host Mum / Co – ordinator)

The Smith Family

"We migrated to Oz/WA five years ago...and us now having a foreign exchange student has made us fall in love with Australia (WA) all over again! There is so much to see, do and experience here down under.... and you can really show-off and relish in all the diversity (in your own state) here in Australia. These experiences with our exchange student have created bonds and memories of a lifetime! Thank you Student Exchange Australia /New Zealand for this wonderful opportunity!" Stephany, Host Mum

The Skerman Family

“The experience of having Luiza staying with our family is probably most beneficial for our 3 daughters. It has given them the opportunity of having an older sister as well as expanding their concept of the world and the people living in it. They can also learn that there our countless opportunities available for them all around the world when they grow older.” Angela, Host Mum

The Marsh Family

Christine, Garry and their daughter, Grace, from the Hunter Region of NSW, hosted Busana from Belgium.

Say Christine and Garry, "We were attracted to having an exchange student for a number of reasons. As a family we had travelled overseas and experienced other countries’ particular cultures and we were keen to reciprocate and show an exchange student our Australia.

We have visited many places and see Australia through Charlotte's eyes. We have also been able to learn about Charlotte's family, their culture and her school experiences in Belgium. Hosting Charlotte has been a rewarding experience for us all, better than we thought possible. She very quickly became a part of our family and we will all have happy memories for the rest of our lives."

Having a Belgian sister is a new experience for Grace too. She says, "Being the youngest and the only one left at home I was looking forward to having another teenager in the house. While Charlotte helps me with my French I help her with her English lessons and I have taught her many Aussie words and sayings. We both love to shop and shop and shop..."

Ricco from Düsseldorf (Germany), in Australia

My 5 month-long time as an Exchange Student in Australia has come to an end. On Thursday, the 1st of July, I arrived safely in Germany. And now I want to thank you, Ms Barthel, and the whole AYUSA-Team but also you, Ms Spencer, and the whole Student Exchange Australia-Team with this letter really from the bottom of my heart for your great work. Thank you very much for all your effort, for the great care, always having time for us and all our questions, doubts and worries, for a great meeting in Berlin in last year’s November, for all ideas and helpful information and simply for all the support, that contributed all together to my wonderful time in Australia. Also the first 3 days in Sydney were filled with plenty of information and activities.

I was taken with the friendliness of all members of the team, who looked after us and who took care of our safety and welfare.

This way I want to thank the Australian organization for choosing such a great and lovely host family for me. It has been a pleasure to be part of the Taylor family in Mount George. I’ll miss my host parents, Pam and Denis, my host sister Erin, and all my other host siblings and family members, who I’ve all taken in my heart, a lot.

I had a wonderful time in Australia thanks to my host family, who took care of me in a really lovely way and filled my leisure time with many amazing trips, thanks to my supervisor there, Mr. Jim Rourke, who helped and supported me during the whole time, thanks to my nice teachers at Wingham High School, who gave me the feeling to be part of the school and made me have fun in learning and of course thanks to you, Ms Barthel and Ms Spencer, and your both organizations because you really did great work.

I’ve found many amazing friends, who I miss a lot at the moment. I had really a lot of fun with them and I’ve never laughed so much in my life before.

School wasn’t a problem for me at all, I’m sure that my English has improved during my stay and I was able to get to know and live the Australian lifestyle and I’ve seen a lot of Australia. I’m sure I’ll travel to Australia again. Australia is a great and beautiful country and staying there 5 months was a dream come true for me.

Thank you for everything.

Best wishes
Ricco from Düsseldorf (Germany)