Student Profiles

Students arriving in 2018!

Students arrive in Australia in January, June, July and August each year. To view student profiles by country, please select your preference from the list below. Please note that only a handful of the students who will be arriving are shown below and we are receiving new profiles each week If you would like our hosting coordinator to send you a selection of full student profiles for you to review and decide which student may fit into your family best, then please contact us or complete our web form below. Alternatively you can email us or send us a message via Facebook.The full profiles include letters to the host family from both the student and their parents.  No obligation!


To protect the privacy of our international exchange students, please note that the images displayed above are stock photos only and not of the students detailed in the profiles below. In the interests of Child Protection we do not show the real images of arriving students on our web site. If you would like to view photos of any of the students listed, please contact our office.


Austria 16 year old Austrian student Therese describes herself as friendly, helpful, honest and calm. She enjoys jogging, cooking, photography and also speaks Italian. In her spare time she likes to hang with friends, read and go to the cinema. While in Australia Therese hopes to try some new sports and is looking forward to improving her English, learn the traditions and culture while experiencing how a family live in another country. She helps at home with the cooking, laundry, washing the dishes and looking after the family cats.
Austria 17 year old student, Lisa-Marie from Austria describes herself as open-minded, sociable and sometimes shy. She enjoys cycling, reading, swimming and meeting up with her friends. Lisa-Marie is also studying French and likes her school because it offers interesting subjects such as cooking, accounting and operational economics. Lisa-Marie loves sport and is a member of the local tennis club. On the weekend she enjoys movies and pizza with her many friends. Lisa-Marie tells us she loves animals and children and loves new experiences. While in Australia she hopes to improve her English and learn more about the culture, she looks forward to cooking some homestyle meals for her host family, surfing and sightseeing.
Austria Nicolas is a 15 year old student from Austria. He tells us he wants to come on exchange to improve his English, become more independent, to have great experiences and see how the life of a teenager is on the other side of the world. Nicolas enjoys tennis which he plays up to five times a week and scouting. In his spare time he also likes to hang with friends, play volleyball and soccer. While in Australia he tells us he would be glad to cook his favourite Austrian dish – Kaiserschmarrn, which is a sweet dish. Nicolas describes himself as ambitious, outgoing, funny and interested in other cultures. He helps at home by mowing the lawn, taking out the rubbish, cooking and hanging out the washing.
Austria Svea is a 15 year old student from Austria who enjoys playing the violin, horseriding, reading and drawing. At school her favourite subjects are Biology, English and Art and she also speaks French. In Australia, Svea is looking forward to living on another continent and attending a different school. She hopes to show her Australian Host family some of her culture while improving her English and meeting lots of new people. Svea helps at home by doing the dishes, laundry, shopping and feeding the dog. She describes herself as helpful, reliable, quiet, cheerful, creative and open-minded.


Finland 16 year old Finnish student Janika tells us sport is very important to her. She has played basketball for 9 years, goes to the gym as a hobby and enjoys skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. In her free time Laura enjoys going to the movies and hanging with friends. Her friends describe her as positive and helpful. Laura’s favourite subjects at school are English, Maths and Chemistry. She is really looking forward to the different way of life in Australia while improving her English and meeting friends that will be for life.
Finland 16 year old Finnish student Marianne also speaks Swedish and Spanish. She really enjoys swimming and has been training and entering competitions since she was very young. She tells us she is good at school and quite competitive with her favourite subjects being History, Biology and Handcrafts. Marianne also enjoys reading especially fantasy like Harry Potter, horse riding and skiing during the winter months. Marianne helps at home by sharing the cooking and cleaning. She has visited Australia with her parents and loved the warm weather and looks forward to improving her English and meeting new people. Marianne describes herself as hard working, loyal, calm and friendly.
Finland Kiia is a 16 year old Finnish student who also speaks Swedish. She has played soccer for the past 6 years and generally likes all sports. In her spare time she enjoys going to the city with friends to have coffee or some lunch. In summer they enjoy going on picnic’s and swimming at the beach. Janika describes herself as athletic, happy, social, adventurous and a little goofy at times. She helps at home by cleaning her room, emptying the dishwasher, taking care of her little sister and vacuuming. Janika chose Australia as she has only heard good things about the country with its beautiful and unique nature. She is looking forward to meeting many new people, getting to know the culture and learning many new things.
Finland Salla is a 16 year old Finnish student who also speaks Swedish. She has grown up in a loving and sport family. She enjoys all sports but is passionate about Basketball. In the winter her family enjoys skiing, skating and Nordic walking. Salla is looking forward to enjoying some different types of Sports while in Australia. In her spare time, Salla enjoys going to the movies, dinner and shopping with her friends. She tells us she can be a bit lazy at home but always cleans her room and does what is asked of her. Salla describes herself as lively, sporty, easy to get along with, funny and trustworthy.


Germany 16 year old German student Fynn tells us his favourite subjects are maths, history, biology and sport. Since learning about Australia at school he has been keen to experience the culture, nature, animal life and of course, the people. After playing soccer since the age of 5, he has decided to try American football. He also likes bandminton and volleyball and is curious to learn more about rugby and surfing while on exchange in Australia. In his freetime, Fynn likes to go hang with friends and go swimming, bicycling and go to the cinema. Fynn helps at home cleaning up, taking the rubbish out and washing the dishes. He describes himself as a sporty, friendly, social, animal loving person.


Italy 17 year old student Chiara from Italy enjoys sports and being active in particular Horse riding. She tells us she has won many jump competitions. At school Chiara studies maths and many science based subjects, this can be difficult so she studies hard to get good grades. Her passions are movies which she has enjoyed since she the age of 5 and music, she likes all types but her favourite is Italian rapper Salmo. Chiara describes herself as sociable, polite, curious and funny. Although slightly nervous she is excited that her dreams of coming to Australia are coming true. She hopes to share her Italian culture with her future Host family.
Italy Ester is a 17 year old student from Italy. Her passion is travelling and experiencing new cultures, she also really enjoys reading and playing the guitar. She tells us her studies are mainly scientific based an she studies maths, physics, science along with Italian, English, Latin, philosophy, history and art. Ester briefly visited Australia when she was younger and this is the main reason for choosing Australia as her destination for exchange. She is looking forward to improving her English, surfing and sharing her culture and food with her host family. Ester describes herself as curious, open-minded, determined and kind and cannot wait to become part of an Australian family.
Italy Laura is a 17 year old student from Italy. She enjoys nature and the outdoors and likes to ski during the winter and go walking and cycling in summer. Laura is looking forward to hopefully being able to walk and cycle with her Host family. While in Australia she hopes to cook some of her traditional Italian food for her host family, improve her English and meet lots of new people. At home Laura helps her family by setting and clearing the table, vacuuming and tidying her room. Laura describes herself as open-minded, happy, responsible and adventurous.


Japan 16 year old student Tomoki from Japan enjoys the local beach in summer where he plays volleyball and rugby with his friends and tells us his favourite team is the NSW Waratahs. On the weekends he likes to visits many places such as Universal Studios or the local theatre with family and friends. He is good at the abacus and is a five dan in mental arithmetic. While in Australia Tomoki is really looking forward to improving his English skills and playing rugby. He helps his family by cleaning his room and describes himself as positive, brave and friendly.
Japan Momoko is a 16 year old student from Japan who enjoys learning English and classical Japanese. She studies hard during the week and likes to go running with friends on the weekend. She hopes to do a Japanese marathon one day. Momoko plays the Uklele and enjoys watching cooking shows, she is very excited about trying the different foods in Australia. She helps at home by cooking for the family twice a week, doing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom. Momoko describes herself as active and eager and she also likes children. She really enjoys spending time with her young cousins. She looks forward to improving her English and meeting many new people.