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Mt Hope High School, Bristol

Mt. Hope High School, Bristol

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  • Population: 22,300
  • Located in Bristol
  • Weather: Summer/Fall: Warm to Temperate Winter/Spring: Cold and Temperate 


  • Enrolment Restrictions: None
  • School Facts
  • Grades at School: 9-12
  • Total Students in School: 890
  • Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:16
  • Estimated Fall Start: Late August
  • Estimated Fall End: Late January
  • Estimated Spring Start: Late January
  • Estimated Spring End: Early June


  • Diploma Year Offered: YES 

School Profile

Located 30 minutes from Rhode Island’s capital, Providence (home of Ivy League Brown University) and 6 minutes from beaches, Mt. Hope High School is a US public school for students in grades 9-12. It offers the large student body a wide range of courses that includes over 15 Advanced Placements, more than 20 arts classes and 60 after school activities. The high school also collaborates with local colleges in dual-credit programs.


Surrounded by groves of trees, the 42-acre campus features a gymnasium, tennis courts, a football stadium, a track, a baseball diamond, and a library with a digital media centre.

Sports and Arts

The “Huskies” are proud of their reputation as a sports powerhouse. The high school boys boast championships in divisional and state competitions for football, basketball, swimming and lacrosse. The girls have been just as impressive, winning titles in soccer, lacrosse, indoor track, tennis and softball. The award-winning music department has an outstanding marching band, as well as jazz, concert and symphonic bands. The Husky News Network is a live morning TV show produced and broadcasted solely by the students.

Awards and Accomplishments

In 2016, Mt. Hope High School was named one of America’s Best High Schools in US News and Report. It was also named a Rhode Island Department of Education Commended School in 2014.

Community Information

The town of Bristol is a scenic area with lots of parks and beaches. It’s only a one and a half hour train ride from Boston and four and a half hour ride to New York City. It also has many historic sites such as the Newport Mansions and Fort Adams. Best of all, the small town atmosphere gives international students a special glimpse into traditional New England America.

Options Available: 

Foreign Languages:

French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Advanced Placement Courses:

Biology, Calculus AB, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, European History, French Language and Culture, Macroeconomics, Physics 1, Spanish Language and Culture, Statistics, Studio


2D, Studio Art: 3D, Studio Art: Drawing, US Government and Politics, US History Arts: Acting, Animation, Art Portfolio, Band, Ceramics, Chorus, Computer Graphics, Digital Audio Recording, Drawing, Gaming, Guitar, Introduction to Theatre Arts, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Video Production, Vocal Ensemble, Web Page Design



Fall: Cross Country, Football, Soccer

Winter: Basketball, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track, Swimming, Wrestling

Spring: Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Volleyball


Fall: Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball

Winter: Basketball, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Indoor Track, Swimming

Spring: Golf, Lacrosse, Softball, Track and Field

Extracurricular Activities:

Art, American Sign Language, Chess, Debate Team, DECA, Drama, Gay/Straight Alliance, Jazz Band, Jazz Improvisation Vocal Ensemble, Literary Magazine, Mathematics, Mock Trial, National Art Society, National Honour Society, Newspaper, Robotics, Sailing, Science Olympiad, Student Council, Sustainability, Yearbook.

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