Kansas High Schools

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Blue Valley Public School, Overland Park

Blue Valley Schools, Overland Park

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  • Population: 181,260
  • Located 20 Minutes South of Kansas City
  • Weather: Summer/Fall: Warm and Humid Winter/Spring: Cold and Temperate


  • Enrolment Restrictions: None 

School Facts:

  • Grades at School: 9-12
  • Total Students Per School: Approximately 1,350
  • Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:19
  • Estimated Fall Start: Mid-August
  • Estimated Fall End: Late December
  • Estimated Spring Start: Early January
  • Estimated Spring End: Late May 


  • Diploma Year Offered: YES

District Profile

Located in the “Heartland” of the US, Blue Valley Schools has five high schools. Blue Valley Schools provides students opportunities for academic achievement by combining challenging academics with high-level extracurricular activities to give students a positive high school experience.


Each year the district adds more learning spaces and high-tech tools to keep Blue Valley Schools up to date with current innovations. Recently Blue Valley created the Centre for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS): a cutting edge research facility that provides mentorships and dual-credit college courses.

Sports and Arts

Blue Valley takes tremendous pride in sportsmanship and wants every student-athlete to positively participate. The district strives to provide the most enriching experiences for all students by providing a variety of opportunities; some art programs participate in local, regional, and national festivals and competitions, receiving high ratings.

Awards and Accomplishments

Blue Valley’s high schools were named top high schools in Kansas and the US by US News & World Report as well as the Washington Post. The CAPS program received the 2016- 17 Exemplar School Award. The district has also been given the important Governor’s Award and Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education.

Community Information

Overland Park is a suburb of nearby Kansas City and is the second largest city in the State of Kansas. Consistently ranked top ten of “The 100 Best Cities to Live” in the US by CNN and Money Magazine, it has many amazing spaces for students to visit like the Botanical Gardens, Museum of Contemporary Art and more.


Foreign Languages:

Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish

Advanced Placement Courses:

Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, English Language and Composition, English Literature, European History, French Language and Culture, Latin Language, Microeconomics, Physics, Psychology, Spanish, Statistics, Studio Art, US Government and Politics, US History, World History


Band, Broadcasting, Choir, Dance, Newspaper, Orchestra, Theatre, Visual Arts Yearbook



Fall: Cross Country, Football, Soccer

Winter: Basketball, Swimming and Diving, Wrestling

Spring: Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Track and Field


Fall: Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball

Winter: Basketball, Bowling

Spring: Fast Pitch Softball, Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field

*State regulations may restrict sports in isolated cases

Extracurricular Activities:

Art Club and Honour Society, Book Club, Cheerleading, Chess, Community Service, Debate, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), Drama, Environmental, Forensics, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Future Teachers of America, Language Clubs and Honour Societies, Math Team, National Honour Society, Student Ambassadors, Student Council, Student Mentors.

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