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Unley High School is an inner suburban high school located just 6km from the Adelaide city centre. The school is close to many parks, recreational and sporting facilities as well as speciality shops, restaurants and other amenities. The school places a primary emphasis upon learning and upon personal development. It creates and fosters a school culture and ethos based upon care, compassion and respect for others. Students attending Unley High School work in a context of long established traditions and expectations that lead to high achievement. The majority of its students pursue tertiary pathways.

School Information

13 - 17

Theater, Performing Arts, Art

Business, Debate, Enterprise Studies, Metal Technology, Outdoor Education, Technology, Information Technology

French, German, Italian, Greek, Chinese

Environmental, Debate, Outdoor Club, Theater Club, Multi-Cultural

Aussie Football, Basketball, Netball, Rowing, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Surfing, Athletics, Aquatics, Golf, Cycling, Cricket, Baseball

Short-Term, Multiple Year, Spring Semester, Spring Year, Fall Semester