Scholarship Winner Lyla Adapts to New Italian Lifestyle

Lyla enjoys all things Italian

Only after seven weeks of exchange, Lyla is certainly adapting to the Italian way of life.  She is certainly adjusting to a different lifestyle - with school on Saturdays, sleeping during the day and late nights. 

That certainly is the Italian way of life, late nights over a home cooked meal and alot of conversation.  Her host family are amazing and Lyla has made new friends through her host sister.  And her language skills are improving everyday as her host family and friends are happy to help out.  As mentioned by Lyla, 'I feel like my language skills are improving very fast! At first it was super hard to understand ful (and fast) sentences, but now I can understand much more". 

Apart form improved language skills, Lyla has joined a local art class and is learning about Roman history outside of school.  With many visits to historical cities and ancient artworks and buildings, Roman history is a perfect fit.

A major highlight for Lyla is enjoying visiting family members.  Lyla explains, 'I really love how we visit family members all the time.  It is a very important part of the culture and is lovely how we can just pop into a cousins house for a cup of tea and a chat'.

A recent visit to the mountains provided a perfect picture opportunity.  Stay tuned for more updates with Lyla.