Inbound Photo Competition Winners 2017

Student Exchange Australia New Zealand is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Inbound Photo Competition.

The competition was open to Inbound students who are currently on exchange in Australia or New Zealand, or recently returned home. 

Thank you to all students who submitted photos and quotes. The calibre of entries was excellent and we will be sharing your images on our social media in the weeks and months to come.  

Our Top 4 are as follows: 

1st Place - Alexandre

"I appreciate to learn the job of Farmer during my exchange! In France, my family and friends call me: The New Australian Farmer. I really enjoy being a farm boy and observing the nature and the animals."

2nd Place - Maddalena

"My exchange made me understand a lot of things and the most important one is that I can get through anything if I want to. It wasn't easy when I just moved here, but I've been doing my best and now I feel like my exchange couldn't be better than what I have achieved."

3rd Place - Viki

"What an amazing country! New Zealand has the most beautiful scenery and has many great outdoor activities at our door step. I feel privileged to share a part of this great culture. I would definitely recommend this great adventure to other exchange students! I can’t stop smiling !!!"

4th Prize Runner Up - Saila

"During first three months of my exchange year I’ve learned so much about Australia, people living in here and their culture. I’ve experienced four territories, met numerous amazing people and found new hobbies. I’ve also learned a lot about myself and started to appreciate Finland in a completely new way."